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Build Compassion


So many people struggle with compassion for ourselves and for others. Maybe we haven't seen it modeled much in this world of lightening fast judgments and over stimulation. Maybe we've grown tired and our ability to love has been weighed down by deadlines, bills, and doubt. Whatever the reason, know that we are built to love and be loved. We are wired to connect, and we thrive when we feel felt by others.

Like any other skill, compassion is one we can practice. Whether you struggle to remember how to love you partner for making yet another mistake or yourself when you look in the mirror, you can learn to build love and compassion again.

One of my favorite ways of doing this is with the use of a Metta Meditation, or the practice of LovingKindness. Simply put, this is just sitting with yourself regularly, visualizing the feelings and sensations of loving others and being loved. Although it may not seem as impressive as rocket science, this quiet practice allows your brain to exercise it's sense of interconnectedness. Repeating this exercise, or others like it, will strengthen your ability to feel love for yourself and others, ground yourself in your relationships, and support your personal growth.

Click below to experience LovingKindness.

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