Apps & Breath Practice Pacers

Use these free music tracks to practicing breathing at your resonance frequency

Don't want to download an app? Use this free web-based pacer. It's customizable and simple to use from your web browser.

Insight Timer

Global meditation community with guided and unstructured meditations. Easy to use timer. Free.


Practice breath training and meditation. Also has guided exercises for peace, gratitude, and joy. Excellent sleep stories. Free. Paid Upgrades.


Comprehensive CBT-based app for tracking and improving mood. Paid.

Relationship Apps

Several different apps to help improve relationships with partners, children, friends. Paid.

CBT-i Coach

CBT-based app to reduce insomnia and improve sleep. Free.

ACT Coach

Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Encourages action based on your personal values and aims to help you live with your uncomfortable experiences without avoiding them or being controlled by them. Free.

Free breath pacer. Easy to use and can be adjusted to your ideal breath rate (ie, resonant frequency) and length of time you'd like to practice.

Accurate breath pacer. Excellent for biofeedback homework. Free Trial.

Breathe 2 Relax

Easy diaphragmatic breathing app. Free.


Meditation App for beginners. Easy guided meditations and timer. Free. Upgrades available.

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