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About Dr. Chris Marrero

Dr. Chris is a clinical psychologist and biofeedback specialist with a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. 


Her clients have described her as engaging, compassionate, and highly competent. Through years of clinical experience and professional training, she has become an expert on anxiety, stress, and mood disorders, particularly in the lives of professionals and emerging professionals.


She understands the challenges of balancing a career with relationships, transitions, wellness, and fun, and value collaborating with her clients on goals and treatment plans to determine the most effective strategies. 

Dr. Marrero shares thoughts on change and her approach to therapy

Because each person has their own unique context, she tailors treatment to each person. For those looking for specific intervention styles, she integrates Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, Affirmative, and ACT-based therapies in addition to biofeedback. She has earned a post-doctoral certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Emphasis on Mindfulness-Based Therapies through John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California, and she is currently working towards Board Certification in Biofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

Originally from Dallas, she's been a California resident for over a decade. She lives in Santa Monica with her family and values being actively involved in the community. She is the Co-Chair for the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce's Organization of Women Leaders, a regular guest speaker for the schools in SMMUSD, and give lectures around the state on topics such as Wellness, Mindfulness, Community Building and Advocacy, and Destigmatizing Mental Health. She is also one of the 2019 recipients of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce's Chairman Awards, which is an honor given to business owners that go above and beyond in their communities. When not working, you can find her with a book on a hammock, training in Krav Maga, or winding down with beach yoga. She tries to regularly lose herself in nature, loves spending time with friends and family, and known to have spontaneous adventures.

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About Dr. Matthew Goodman

Dr. Matthew S. Goodman is a Registered Psychological Assistant (PSB94024933) and Board Certified Biofeedback Therapist working under the supervision of Dr. Chris Marrero (PSY23017). He received his degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, and completed his predoctoral internship at Providence St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency in Anchorage, AK.

Dr. Goodman has a deep appreciation for the connection between the mind and body. He utilizes both “top-down” (e.g., meditation) and “bottom-up” (e.g., biofeedback) approaches to help people find greater equanimity and resilience. These approaches may be in conjunction with, or in lieu of, traditional psychotherapy.

His patients describe him as warm and compassionate, “standing beside” patients as they make changes consistent with their own goals and values. Dr. Goodman believes that deep, nonjudgmental listening is the most powerful tool a therapist (or any human being) has to offer. He strives to embody the qualities of mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion that he asks his clients to cultivate.

Outside of work, Dr. Goodman might be found practicing yoga, filmmaking, or doing improv. He enjoys being physically active and spending time outdoors. Dr. Goodman is currently making a documentary on the “dark night,” or challenges, associated with meditation and spiritual practice.

Dr. Goodman offers services on a sliding scale. He has experience working with a range of mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD; as well as physical health symptoms such as chronic pain, GI distress (e.g., IBS, reflux) and hypertension. He is open to working with adults and adolescents for psychotherapy; and adults, children (8 years +), and adolescents for Biofeedback. He is available for consultation and trainings on topics related to mindfulness, stress-reduction, motivational enhancement, and integrating behavioral health services into medial settings.

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Services Offered

Relieve your stress and reduce your anxiety or mood concerns with the gold standard in mental healthcare. Offering flexible hours. Learn More.

For those that travel frequently, have mobility concerns, or would rather receive treatment at their own home, online therapy is available using an encrypted and free software to protect your privacy. Learn more.

Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, pain, headaches, IBS, etc. directly by strengthening your nervous system. Painless, drug free, non-invasive. Learn more.

Enroll in one of three exclusive membership plans. Available to a limited number of clients, these plans provide ultra-personalized therapy and/or biofeedback services in addition to premium perks such as therapy at your location of choice, flexible session lengths, extended service hours, etc. Learn more.

Bring stress management skills to your employees, teach parents how to talk to their children, build your staff's comfort with providing mental health first aid to the community, and so many more. Bring Marrero Psychology to your next event to share comprehensive information and hands-on skills. Hours flexible. Learn more.

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