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Although psychotherapy and biofeedback can be stand alone treatments, many people opt to combine therapy with biofeedback to boost their change process. Curious about biofeedback? Read more on the Biofeedback page.

The clinical team at Marrero Psychology provides high quality and effective psychotherapy. (Click here to learn more about benefits of therapy). We take pride in providing a safe and judgment-free environment to help our clients explore their problems so they can work towards living the lives they've always dreamed about.


We work closely with each person to ensure that treatment is tailored to the individual's needs and desires. Length of treatment will vary from person to person and is determined by your reason(s) for seeking treatment, personal goals, how much and how long your concerns have impacted your life, capacity to be an active participant in and out of session, and diagnoses (if applicable).

For people that have tight schedules or travel frequently, we also offer remote services. It's never been so easy to schedule therapy between meetings at work or from the comfort of your own living room. Learn more here.

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