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Meditation for Peace During the Holidays

marrero psychology surviving the holidays

Although the holidays look magical and peaceful in the movies, the holidays are rarely stress-free for everyone. These times can bring up past hurts, anxiety about finances, grief for loved-ones lost, and a sense of being frazzled and overwhelmed with all the additional duties and obligations that come with endless holiday parties and another year of desperately searching for a meaningful yet reasonably-priced gift for your mother-in-law.

If you feel this way, know that you are not alone. Many people find themselves overly tired and increasingly distressed during this time. In fact, as a psychologist, one of the most popular questions that comes up at this time of year is "how do I make it through?"

holiday meditation

If this sounds familiar, one of my favorite go-to self-care activities is practicing mindful visualization. There are thousands of options out there, but I have found that very few focus on finding peace during the stress of the holidays. With this surprising discovery, I wrote one of my own. I hope that you find it helpful as you search for solace during this time.

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