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Biofeedback 101

biofeedback session

Intrigued by the idea of biofeedback, but not sure what it is? Maybe you've heard it's amazing for stress, anxiety, and even headaches, but you don't know why. Join Dr. Marrero-Howieson and team for a FREE biofeedback seminar at Marrero Psychology and online.

Each seminar will introduce you to biofeedback and answer your questions.

In each seminar, you will:

1.Learn the basic science behind biofeedback

2.Discover the conditions biofeedback treats

3.Learn about the people that are the best candidates for this innovative and effective treatment option

4.Experience 2-3 biofeedback demos live

5.Receive a free biofeedback tool to take and use yourself (in person seminars only)

6.Have to opportunity to win a free session for yourself or someone else

This seminar is designed to answer your questions and more. Space is limited.

Click here to register now!

biofeedback session

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