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Mood rings & science??

Did you know that mood rings can really help you gauge how you're doing? Now, they don't ACTUALLY tell you if you're hungry or in love, but they can tell you how stressed you are. Really!

(Psst...make sure you read all the way to the bottom to find the tip to reduce stress!):

As you heard on the video, I'll give you a Stress Square for free if you come by the Buy Local Health and Fitness Festival on September 9th! (You'll also get to play with other biofeedback equipment, and enter to win awesome prizes like a $250 gift card for a comprehensive stress profile evaluation at Marrero Psychology, and get 3 EXTRA RAFFLE TICKETS just by mentioning that you subscribe to the ToolBox!

To make this cool tool even more effective, use your mood ring/Stress Square with a breathing app such as Breate2Relax. The next time you're stressed, hold the Stress Square to check your stress level. Then, practice breathing at 6 breaths per minute using the pacer on the app for 5 minutes. Then measure your stress again to see the difference. And since you can carry the Stress Square in your wallet and the app on your phone, you'll always be just 5 minutes away from greater peace and relaxation!

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