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Santa Monica's Premier Holistic Mental Healthcare

Thanks for visiting. At Marrero Psychology, our passion is helping people overcome symptoms and challenges holding them back as well as finding greater satisfaction overall in their lives.


Our holistic approach allows us to use gold-standard mental health services such as psychotherapy, cutting edge biofeedback training, or combined services as needed to support our clients in reaching their goals. Because the individuals we work with are often traveling or juggling complex lives, our services are all remote and easily fit into a busy schedule.


In addition to specific symptom relief, we also work with our clients more broadly to address other areas such as stress management, mindfulness, parenting, relationships, sexuality and gender, self-esteem, life and career goals, and wellness.


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Specializing in:
  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

  • Mood Management and Mood Disorders

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma

  • Parenting and Maternal Mental Health

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed or stuck

  • Learn to manage your moods and challenging feelings

  • Improve sleep, appetite, & libido

  • Spend less time obsessing, ruminating, or worrying

  • Improve pain and physical health symptoms

  • Increase performance at school or work

  • Have stronger, more connected relationships

  • Become more confident and compassionate to yourself

  • Find your passion

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