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    February 18, 2018

    People commonly asked about the difference between biofeedback and neurofeedback. They may have heard both words but the difference is a mystery.

    Simply speaking, biofeedback an umbrella term for all body-focused feedback training modalities-- including neurofeedb...

    The other day, I was watching a Ted Talk about fears. This man, Tim Ferriss, outlined this beautiful strategy that he has used over the years to help him manage self-paralysis and poor decision making in the face of tough choices. He called it Fear Setting. As I watche...

    December 28, 2017

    Have you been thinking about setting a resolution on January 1st? New Year's Resolutions are something most of us consider and half of us do. Keep reading to learn more about what people want to change in their lives and how to make that happen!

    Rank Top New Years resol...

    December 11, 2017

    Although the holidays look magical and peaceful in the movies, the holidays are rarely stress-free for everyone. These times can bring up past hurts, anxiety about finances, grief for loved-ones lost, and a sense of being frazzled and overwhelmed with all the additiona...

    November 27, 2017

    'Tis the season for holiday shopping. Between all the endless ads for toys, scarves, and other predictable gift ideas, it's often hard to find something special for the people we love. Instead of the same-old stuff, consider some of these unique ideas instead. Each of...

    November 13, 2017

    Lovingkindness Meditations are a gentle and calming way of building more love and compassion for yourself and people around you. For many people, it's easier to feel love and compassion for others when they are acting in ways we want them do. But many of us find it mor...

    So many people struggle with compassion for ourselves and for others. Maybe we haven't seen it modeled much in this world of lightening fast judgments and over stimulation. Maybe we've grown tired and our ability to love has been weighed down by deadlines, bills, and d...

    Intrigued by the idea of biofeedback, but not sure what it is? Maybe you've heard it's amazing for stress, anxiety, and even headaches, but you don't know why. Join Dr. Marrero-Howieson and team for a FREE biofeedback seminar at Marrero Psychology and online. 



    Be still.

    Surround yourself with quiet.


    These moments are essential.

    Growth takes so much energy. It's exhausting.

    Giving yourself permission to stop for a moment to gather yourself will help you push forward again. 
    Think of growth like building a h...

    So many of the people that come in for therapy talk about the difficulty in shutting off their minds. They're often caught in the endless web of their thoughts-- constantly thinking, constantly worrying, and their thoughts are so prolific that they have barely finished...

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